Predict the future of single-cup coffee
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Single-cup coffee is a growing trend at home and away from home, allowing consumers to prepare one cup of coffee at a time. For example, in almost 20 years since the Keurig was first introduced, the single-cup coffeemaker has become a staple of kitchens and workplaces alike. As this trend continues to grow, what do future products and appliances look like for single-cup?


Tell us what you believe the future of single-cup coffee will look like. Specifically, provide detailed responses for the following questions:

  1. What will the single-cup coffee appliance of the future be like? How will it look? What features and capabilities will it have that current single-cup coffeemakers don't have? Provide an illustration or image if you can! What type of coffee product would go into it?

  2. What trends in coffee will single-cup appliances need to incorporate in the future? How do you see America's tastes in coffee changing in the next twenty years?

  3. Would this appliance go in all environments: at home and away from home in commercial settings?

  4. Would the appliance offer other types of coffee-style drinks or just black coffee? If so, what kind?

  5. Create an image, mockup, or design to help illustrate your idea.

CRITERIA: Remember that single-cup coffee should be convenient, consistent from cup to cup, and sustainable. Single-serve coffee appliances should be able to accommodate a wide range of types of coffee-style drinks.

BONUS: If you can tackle the problem of package waste, please do! We know some single-serve coffee cups are getting questioned because of the waste and lack of sustainability.

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