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Predict the perfect music playlist for specific venues

A stealth startup recently created a social music app that lets users interact with the music played onsite at bars, restaurants, and other venues. Users can vote for songs in a digital queue to influence what music will be played at their current location. The challenge for this company is in trying to come up with the right playlist before users start voting for their preferences. (E.g. Nice restaurants don’t want heavy metal playing in the background)

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Propose a design brief showing how this company could build a smart application which will start playing music specifically catered to venues. Describe 1) What external API’s you will use (Yelp, Foursquare, etc) 2) What factors you will take into account (location, cost, type of venue) and 3) How these factors will affect the playlist.

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$150.00 J Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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$50.00 N Stanford University
$50.00 Square pic yash pic Georgia Institute of Technology
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