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What's your big idea for preventing dirty clothes?
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48 months ago
Small pic dirty clothes

Dirty clothes come in a wide range of styles. Some stink, while others have sweat stains. Some have actual, visible dirt on them, while others are mysteriously crusty despite no identifiable culprit. But no matter what the cause is, dirty clothes are no fun. They look bad, and they accumulate in loads of annoying laundry. 

We're tired of dirty clothes, and we want to figure out how to stop dirty clothes from happening. We want your ideas for  ways to keep clothes clean, despite whatever run-in they might have with your gym workouts, mud puddles, or sloppy chili dogs. 


Tell us your idea for a product that will keep dirty clothes from happening. Specifically:

  1. What's an idea for a new product that could be applied to clothing? How does it work? Drawings and illustrations are encouraged!
  2. Think about the entire journey of cleaning clothes to storing them and wearing them. Where and when would your product work best? In the wash cycle, the dryer, before clothes get dirty, applied topically to mask or clean a dirty area, or something else?
  3. How does the consumer apply your product? Can it be made into something they carry during the day and apply discretely?

    Think outside the box--we're looking for ideas that don't currently exist.

      Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
    • Meets Deliverables
    • Creativity
    • Clarity
    Reward Tiers
    Top 10%
    will share $1,000
    Next 15%
    will share $400
    Next 25%
    will share $200
    Actual individual rewards will be based on the total number of eligible solutions.
    $111.10 Square pic 60 20220413 071449 UMaT
    $111.10 Square pic 60 img 20201203 185411 639 Brock University
    $111.10 Square pic 60 ceaser img University of Nairobi
    $111.10 Square pic 60 img072 2 Harvard University
    $111.10 Square pic 60 ahahahaha Yorkville University
    $111.10 Square pic 60 20200121 192854 University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa
    $111.10 Square pic 60 njphotoshootjanelle Liberty University
    $111.10 Square pic 60 matthew gaiser calgary bow headshot  1 Queen's University
    $111.10 Square pic 60 self portrait ink  1 Penn Foster
    $30.80 G University of Nottingham Malaysia
    $30.80 W University of Washington
    $30.80 Square pic 60 photo 2 Jacobs University Bremen
    $30.80 T University of Tennessee
    $30.80 Picture?width=160 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
    $30.80 B University of Maryland
    $30.80 Picture?width=160 The University of Oklahoma
    $30.80 S Missouri University of Science and Technology
    $30.80 Square pic 60 jaelak harrison
    $30.80 I University of Ottawa
    $30.80 Picture?width=160 UCF
    $30.80 Picture?width=160 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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    $9.10 Square pic 60 wp 20140415 004 Delhi University
    $9.10 Square pic 60 img 20211028 131936
    $9.10 F University of Arkansas - Little Rock
    $9.10 Picture?width=160 Georgia Institute of Technology
    $9.10 Picture?width=160 University of Central Florida
    $9.10 Picture?width=160 IUNP
    $9.10 C University for Development Studies
    $9.10 D Bryant University
    $9.10 S University of Central Florida
    $9.10 S University of Central Florida