Propose a cheap and easy way for vets to predict kidney/bladder stone risk
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In order for vets to improve the long-term health of pets, they need to be able to accurately predict the risks of a pet developing certain health conditions in the future. Of these conditions, we are interested in finding novel, cost-efficient, technologies or methods to help vets better predict the risk of pets developing kidney and bladder stones.

Bladder & kidney stones are caused by high levels of Calcium Oxalate, and current methods of predicting risks require expensive equipment. Some of these methods include:

- Microscopic evaluation of urine samples

- Xrays

- Ultrasounds


Propose a solution to better help vets to predict kidney and bladder stone risk in pets. Make sure to explain the following:

a. What novel methods or technologies does your solution use?

b. How does your solution improve upon existing methods and technologies?

c. How would you implement your solution in veterinary clinics?

Criteria: Please keep these criteria in mind when submitting your solution:

- Avoid the use of expensive equipment (>$1,000) or approaches that require extensive time (more than 30 mins)

- The solution must be cost-effective (ideally less than $25/test)

- Solutions that do not meet the requirements in the deliverables will be deleted from consideration

- Be sure to reference any research you use in your solution

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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