Tell us about a new lubricant, coating, or material to reduce friction
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39 months ago
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Evonik is the market and technology leader in high-performance additives to optimize the lubricating and flow properties of engine oils, hydraulic fluids, fuels, biodiesel and industrial fluids. Our additives improve fuel efficiency, i.e. they reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. At the same time, they increase the reliability and service life of engines and hydraulic systems, especially in the automotive, construction and transportation industries. This business is driven by the resource efficiency trend and by the dynamic economic development of emerging markets.

Lubricants reduce friction between moving metal components, such as those found in a vehicle’s engine, transmission, and axles. Evonik envisions use of our VISCOPLEX® and VISCOBASE® polymers and future additives in developing “Smart fluids" with special flow, friction, wear and lubricant profiles or with controlled release mechanisms. However, friction and wear can also be reduced by improving the solid surfaces on these moving parts.

In addition to the development of next generation lubricant systems based on additives, there are trends toward developing new surface coatings with extraordinary tribological effects. In parallel, with the use of more lightweight materials, there is a need to exploit new materials in wear applications e.g. high performance plastics instead of metal parts. The synergies that come from the combinations of new additives, new surface layers and new part materials will be a focus for our future lubrication systems.

Your challenge is to provide an innovative idea (not already patented or published) for the lubricated system (material, tribological surface, lubricant, additive) which provides significantly reduced or zero friction and improved part durability.


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1. Propose any idea that contributes to improved fuel efficiency, increased lifetime and reduced wear (in engines, transmissions, future drive train concepts, anywhere!) by means of:

- An advanced lubricant

- Lubricant additive

- New surface coating

- New material of torque transferring parts.

- Another idea of your choosing

2. (Optional) Propose an experimental plan to demonstrate the efficiency of your idea.

3. (Optional) Submit a concept diagram and a schematic as supporting materials as a .doc, .docx, or .PDF

Bonus 1: Provide more than one of or an entire system of advanced lubricants, lubricant additives, n