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Propose the next evolution of smart razor technology

As technology improves, more devices are becoming “smart” or “connected” by collecting data on trends and patterns of consumer behavior. For example, learning thermostats can benefit the user by analyzing energy consumption patterns to find where money can be saved.

When it comes to personal grooming tools such as razors or hair removal devices, we believe there is an opportunity to create “smart” razors that can provide a better shaving experience.

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22 months ago

Please complete the following:

1) Propose an idea for a “smart” razor that collects and analyzes data around shaving/grooming habits.

2) What kind of data would your razor collect from its user? Why would this information be interesting/relevant to the razor owner?

3) How would a consumer interact with your grooming device to tap into the data it collects? If applicable, explain how connectivity across other channels and devices would make your solution more useful to a consumer.

4) How could the data your razor collected help the user have a better shaving experience?

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