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What's the perfect name for our new body filler and putty products?
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50 months ago
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 Our company is launching a new line of innovative automotive body filler and putty products designed to meet the needs of consumers tackling many automotive and household repair problems. Whether you have a ding or dent in your car, rock scrape on your boat, or cracks in your home walls, we will have the right product for your repair.

We need your help in creating a compelling name for our new sub-brand, which will be bolstered by our well-known company brand. The new sub-brand has the benefits of being durable, non-shrinking, and permanent while drying quickly and being easily sanded and painted. Despite being an automotive focused product, many carpenters and residential contractors use the products in their daily repair jobs. Thus, the new brand will be marketed to both homeowners and auto Do-it-Yourself customers.

The sub-brand is currently positioned as mid-tier (neither premium nor value) and has the potential to appear on-shelf at stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Advance Auto, NAPA and even Wal-Mart.