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How would you redesign the iconic t-shirt?
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24 months ago
Small pic hanes shirt

There may be nothing as universal and essential in modern society as the t-shirt. You probably spend less time with your phone and computer than with your t-shirts. This constant contact with the t-shirt makes it difficult to step back and think critically about how to radically redesign and improve this crucial piece of clothing.

Still, recent changes like going tagless show that innovation is possible. We want your help continuing the perfection of the t-shirt. No idea is too big or small: think about anything and everything related to the t-shirt, from purchase through the 500th time you wear it, right down to the material, stitching, design, and more.


Show us how you would improve the t-shirt. Specifically, complete the following:

  1. Describe, in detail, the change(s) you would make to the t-shirt. What do you want to improve, and why? Are your ideas focusing on the t-shirt as an outerwear