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What does haircare look like in 2030?
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16 months ago
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With technology evolving all around us, it's safe to assume the products and services we know today will be very different by the year 2030. Advances such as Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Internet of Things sensors, and Artificial Reality/Virtual Reality are just a few technologies changing life as we know it.

We're looking to explore the future of haircare. What will the haircare experience look like by the year 2030? What haircare solutions will you want to use in years to come?

If you are interested to design for Gen-Z consumers, we want to hear your breakthrough ideas! We want you to consider the entire category of haircare. Brainstorm around the product itself, the application of the product, the way a customer will interact with the product in order to purchase and so on... Are there smart devices or applications you envision? Data mechanics? Other technological solutions that will reinvent the haircare experience?


Tell us about your breakthrough idea for the future of haircare in 2030 for Gen-Z. Specifically, address either/all the following: 

  1. How would you revolutionize the haircare experience from cleaning/styling today to new experiences/benefits (e.g. mood-lifting/self expressing/sensorial/social)?
  2. How do you re-imagine the role of haircare in daily life? What do haircare routines look like in 2030?
  3. How will consumers express their unique identities across virtual and physical worlds with their hair?
  4. What role will technology play in your haircare solution? Will there be new services/system? Smart devices? Data mechanics? AR/VR? AI?
  5. Submit a 3 to 5 minute video, PowerPoint presentation, or an original drawing/visual that supports your idea. We want to see your ideas! (Please note: If you are uploading a video, please upload the video to YouTube first, then include the YouTube link in your submission for ease of upload and access!)

Special Note: Winning solutions must include a short video, PowerPoint presentation, or an original drawing/visual. We want to see your ideas in addition to text responses. Your video, presentation or visual must be 100% original! 

In your submissions, it must cover the following key aspects:

  1. Problem/Pain point that you’re solving
  2. Your Idea & its value Proposition (what benefit does this idea brings?)
  3. How it works (can be a prototype, a video, a sketch, an illustrative diagram etc)
  4. Business Model (How do you think it can make money with?)
  5. Go to Market Strategies (how do you want to market the solution?)

Judging criteria 

Submissions will be reviewed & judged by Procter & Gamble Vice Presidents by Innovation/Tech/Impact/Disruptive Index.

Presentations will be evaluated by each Criteria on a 1 – 10 scale. All criteria are equally weighted (1/3).

  1. Innovativeness - How innovative / creative / unique is the idea? Is there novelty applied to solve the problem?
  2. Technical awesomeness - How technically sophisticated / advanced / elegant was the solution?
  3. Impact - How impactful is the idea? Can it impact lives in a significant way? Is there a real business potential?
  4. Disruptiveness – How disruptive is the idea towards the haircare industry? Will it enable new growth?

Key Timeline

  • Proposal Online Submissions Deadline: 31 st Dec 2020 23:59 Pacific Time (GMT-8)
  • Q&A or Ask Me Anything Sessions to clarify anything you have:
  • Short List & Winner announcements:
    • Top 15 short-list notification: 5th Jan 2021
    • Top 15 short-listed 5 mins pitching session: 11th Jan 2021
    • Top 3 Winners announcements: 15th Jan 2021

** Top 15 short-listed and winners will be notified via email.

Prize Awards

Total worth $11,000 USD

  • 1st Prize: USD$ 6,000
  • 2nd Prize: USD$ 3,500
  • 3rd Prize:  USD$ 1,500

 Winners will be awarded with online cash prize. It will be transacted from MindSumo to the Winners directly via PayPal in $USD currency. For ideas with potential, organizing company might reach out to engage for further exploration.

Special thanks to the support from our outreach partners:

Additional Materials:
Reward Tiers
1st Place Winner
will receive $6,000
2nd Place Winner
will receive $3,500
3rd Place Winner
will receive $1,500
$6,000.00 Square pic 60 626b8422 0ecc 4fc0 ba4b 52b6a1c66e54 Penn Foster
$3,500.00 Square pic 60 eca5f0b2 0ec0 4a1c a56b be2acd89bd1c University of Pittsburgh
$1,500.00 M De La Salle University - Manila
Submission questions

What is your age?

25 or above

Your University:

National University of Singapore
Nanyang Technological University
Singapore Polytechnic
Temasek Polytechnic
University of Sydney
TsingHua University

If you answered "other" to the above question, please write in your affiliated College/University:

With my submissions, I agree that IP of my ideas will belong to the organizing company Procter & Gamble.

I agree

If you have chosen to work as a team, please list our your teammates below:

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