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What does haircare look like in 2030?
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8 months ago
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With technology evolving all around us, it's safe to assume the products and services we know today will be very different by the year 2030. Advances such as Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Internet of Things sensors, and Artificial Reality/Virtual Reality are just a few technologies changing life as we know it.

We're looking to explore the future of haircare. What will the haircare experience look like by the year 2030? What haircare solutions will you want to use in years to come?

If you are interested to design for Gen-Z consumers, we want to hear your breakthrough ideas! We want you to consider the entire category of haircare. Brainstorm around the product itself, the application of the product, the way a customer will interact with the product in order to purchase and so on... Are there smart devices or applications you envision? Data mechanics? Other technological solutions that will reinvent the haircare experience?