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How would you reinvent home ownership?
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39 months ago
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*Top 4 Win $200 Each; Next 8 Win $100 Each*

As a leading mortgage lender, we have already seen Millennials deviate from previous generations in their approach to the mortgage process, often educating themselves online, comparing multiple lender options, and preferring to do things digitally.  

We expect the options for home ownership itself to also change and grow with today's younger generations.  Traditionally, we think of one person or a married couple owning one house.  We want to go beyond standard models and explore new possibilities for home ownership that will appeal to the buyers of tomorrow!  


We are interested in creative ideas for reinventing home ownership.  Specifically, answer the following:

  1. First, share your insights on two concepts below:
    1. When you think of ownership, whether it's owning a car or a home to owning smaller belongings, what sort of thoughts and feelings come to mind?  [For example, you might think about responsibility, or new opportunities, or conversely feel weighed down, reluctant, etc.  We want to know what comes to mind and why.] 
    2. Now, think specifically about home ownership.  What comes to mind when you hear this phrase?  
    3. If you own a home: Please tell us briefly about what you considered to be the worst (or most difficult) part of the mortgage / home ownership experience. 
  2. How would you change or enhance home ownership options, or what home ownership trend do you think will take off?  Consider things such as who would be buying / joining in the mortgage, the duration, etc. *This deliverable is most important in determining your score.
  3. Why would your idea(s) be appealing to the home buyers of tomorrow?  Is there a specific demographic your idea(s) are best suited for (ex: rural vs. city dwellers, income brackets, age, etc.)?

BONUS: If you reside outside of the US (or you have previously), we would love to hear more about some of the local / national home ownership customs you may be familiar with!  Are there trends, practices, preferences that you see in your country or area?


  • We are interested in ideas that have potential to revolutionize home ownership and/or offer potential home owners something totally new in terms of the home buying process and the options for it. 
  • While we encourage creativity, please keep in mind that your idea should be feasible / realistic and that ultimately someone is still buying a home (ex: "free homes for everybody!" isn't a possibility). 
  • Deliverable 2 is going to carry the most weight as we determine winners for this challenge.
    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
Reward Tiers
4 Winners
will receive $200 each
8 Honorable Mentions
will receive $100 each
$200.00 S College of the Holy Cross
$200.00 Picture?width=160 Tilburg University
$200.00 Square pic 60 matthew gaiser calgary bow headshot  1 Queen's University
$200.00 Square pic 60 linkedin profile pic Wright State University
$100.00 J Oxford University
$100.00 Square pic 60 20200121 192854 University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa
$100.00 M University of Saskatchewan
$100.00 Square pic 60 me 2 Nottingham
$100.00 L Bishop's University
$100.00 H University of Central Florida
$100.00 Square pic 60 wp 20140415 004 Delhi University
$100.00 Picture?width=160 University of Victoria
Submission questions

What is your age?

under 18
18 - 22
23 - 26
27 - 30

Do you currently reside in the US or Canada?

I reside outside of the US/Canada

Where do you reside if you are outside of the US or Canada?

If applicable, what university do you currently attend?

Do you currently own a home?


If you answered "no" that you do not own a home, do you plan on ever owning a home? 


If you do not own a home currently but plan to at some point, when will you pursue buying one? 

Tell us more!  Please briefly explain why you do or do not plan to own a home (or why you feel unsure!)