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Do students want a mentor who is nearing retirement?
Challenge Type: humanities & arts
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72 months ago

A student's life involves some major transitions, whether it's a K-12 student moving on to higher education, or a college student entering the workforce.  In these times of transition, there are students who could benefit from the additional support of a mentor or role model to improve their scholastic abilities, teach life skills, and develop their character.

There is a large group of aging adults who are nearing retirement but who do not yet feel ready to retire.  These near-retirees have the motivation to stay involved in the community, as well as the life experience and expertise to mentor students as they transition to higher education or the workplace.


We want to know whether or not students would be interested in being mentored by someone much older / nearing retirement.  Specifically, please answer the following:

  1. How would K-12 students feel about participating in a mentorship program with near-retirees as they transition to higher education?  Explain your reasoning.  
  2. How would a college student feel about participating in a mentorship program with near-retirees as they transition to the workplace?   Explain your reasoning.
  3. Which age group (K-12, college, or a subset of these larger groups) do you think would be most receptive to these mentors?  What age group would be most willing or eager to participate?
  4. What would be most appealing to you about being mentored by an individual nearing retirement?  What would be least appealing?

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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$37.00 Samantha Thompson Brock University
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$37.00 Olivia Nguyen University of California at Davis
$37.00 Mandeep Patel University of Texas at Austin
$37.00 Oscar Wong University of Illinois
$37.00 Karlie McMillan Ambrose University College
$37.00 Isaac Brown Tufts University
$37.00 Clement Ferris University of Massachusetts
$37.00 Igor Reis University of Sydney
$37.00 Amira Awaad The American University in Cairo
$37.00 Seth Berger Susquehanna University
$37.00 Wen Yi Aw University of Washington
$37.00 Ian Britton University of California at San Diego
$37.00 Sharicia Mason Jacobs University Bremen
$37.00 John Simmons Tennessee Tech University
$37.00 Braden Younglove Northern Arizona University
$37.00 Kristen Domez University of Michigan
$37.00 Wai Meng Kan University of Toronto
$37.00 Anu Amarnath North Carolina State University
$37.00 Yogesh Brahmbhatt Georgia Institute of Technology
$37.00 Shivani Tomar H N B garhwal
$37.00 Jamal Syed Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
$37.00 Eric Kinn Purdue University
$37.00 Rosh Adhikari Webster University
$37.00 Paula Judkowiak Baruch College
$37.00 Tyler Nakaya University of California at San Diego
$37.00 Mohanraj P M P Anna university ,Chennai
$10.30 ganesh kumar Anna University
$10.30 Jenna Hein University of Memphis
$10.30 Jennifer Gray Penn Foster
$10.30 Mason Chee Pennsylvania State University
$10.30 Daniel Okeiyi Bells university
$10.30 George Kiprono Tonuy JKUAT
$10.30 Alyssa Roseman University of Colorado
$10.30 Joe Spitalieri Manhattan College
$10.30 Michaela Novotná Middlesex University, London