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Revitalize jams, jellies and preserves for a Millennial audience
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56 months ago
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The jam, jelly and preserves market has been established for quite a long time for several generations. But over the years, the taste preferences of the buying public have changed, and young adults have stopped seeing traditional jams, jellies, and preserves as the staple items they were for past generations. As eating habits and the types of food combinations change, how can these products evolve to meet the changing times, specifically for Millennials?


Help us make jams, jellies, and preserves relevant and interesting to Millennials. In your solution, do the following:

  1. Propose a new jam, jelly, or preserve product that will catch the attention of Millennials. Explain its ingredients, how it would be used and to whom should it be marketed.
  2. Describe a new use, application, or recipe for jams, j