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What is your groundbreaking idea for a razor or hair removal product that awakens your senses?
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9 months ago
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Traditionally, shaving and hair removal brands provide mainly functional benefits:   they get the job done, but they don't deliver an enriching, self-care experience.  Their products aren't going to uplift you or make you feel calm and relaxed.  Instead, they offer mundane experiences and boring designs and scents.

As a leading personal care brand, we are looking for razor and shave preparation ideas that will make shaving enjoyable, that are experiential, and that stimulate the senses (olfactory, tactile, vision, etc.).  We are looking for creative solutions that will appeal to those who love variety, who enjoy exploring new things, and who value enriching experiences.  Personal care should give us a chance to reground ourselves, awaken our senses, and feel better in our day-to-day.