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What is your groundbreaking idea for a razor or hair removal product that awakens your senses?
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15 months ago
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Traditionally, shaving and hair removal brands provide mainly functional benefits:   they get the job done, but they don't deliver an enriching, self-care experience.  Their products aren't going to uplift you or make you feel calm and relaxed.  Instead, they offer mundane experiences and boring designs and scents.

As a leading personal care brand, we are looking for razor and shave preparation ideas that will make shaving enjoyable, that are experiential, and that stimulate the senses (olfactory, tactile, vision, etc.).  We are looking for creative solutions that will appeal to those who love variety, who enjoy exploring new things, and who value enriching experiences.  Personal care should give us a chance to reground ourselves, awaken our senses, and feel better in our day-to-day.


We are interested in groundbreaking ideas for wet-shave devices (e.g. razors) and/or packaging that will awaken your senses without compromising the effectiveness or durability of the products.  

 Your idea could improve the sensory shaving experience at any level.  Primarily, we are looking for ideas that relate to razors, but we are also open to shave preparation (pre, during, post shaving) as well as packaging.  In proposing your idea(s), please consider the following:

  • Be creative!  Feel free to go beyond scents / olfactory experience.  
  • Bring ideas for razors, shave preparation, pre-shaving and post-shaving.
  • Women should be the target demographic for your product idea.  Please be sure your idea has feminine appeal.
  • Your idea should be feasible for high-volume production (think about processing conditions and high speed manufacturing).
  • Your product idea should be able to survive in the typical "bathroom" / usage environment of a razor.  Think of the shower, where there is high humidity, exposure to chemicals from other products, etc.
  • Please include any references or background information related to your proposed material sources.  We want to understand what inspired your idea and review any relevant sources that support it!
  • Begin by answering the survey questions below.  This includes submitting an executive summary of your idea.  Then, use the open text box for the full description of your idea.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
Reward Tiers
5 Winners
will receive $220 each
5 Honorable Mentions
will receive $100 each
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$220.00 V
$220.00 T Northern Ontario School of Medicine
$100.00 N
$100.00 M
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$100.00 M California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
$100.00 J
Submission questions

What is your age?

under 18
18 - 22
23 - 26
27 - 30
30 - 35

What is your gender?

prefer not to say

What brands do you use as part of your shaving routine?  Please list brand names.


What type of razor do you usually use?


What could brands do to improve your shaving experience?  Please explain briefly.


Which of the following best describes your attitude when it comes to scented hair removal products, especially razors?

Razors with scents are a top priority for me
A scented razor is more of a "bonus" for me but not a key factor in my product selection
I do not take scents into much consideration when selecting products

Please briefly describe how each step of the shaving process makes you feel:

Before shaving:


During shaving:


After shaving:


Please read each descriptive statement below and select how influential it would be in your purchase decision for a hair removal product:

"Uplift Your Skin & Spirit"

Definitely would not influence me to buy
Would probably not influence me to buy
Might influence me to buy
Definitely would influence me to buy

"Sense-drenching Shaving"

Definitely would not influence me to buy
Would probably not influence me to buy
Might influence me to buy
Definitely would influence me to bu