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Shape the future with memory polymers
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71 months ago
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Evonik’s portfolio of specialty materials includes a shape changing rubber known as a Shape Memory Polymer. What is a Shape Memory Polymer? These materials can be mechanically stretched or deformed to several times its original size at ambient temperatures, then heated and have it return to its original forms within 99+% accuracy.

This rubber can be extruded or molded into various forms - monofilaments (think guitar strings), woven multifilaments (think fibers for apparel or as large as woven rope), extruded sheet stock (up to 8 ft wide with any length), or injection molded part (any geometry). Your challenge is to provide an innovative idea or application that will use this product in a consumer or industrial setting.


Propose an end use for this material. The ideal usage would be a new to the world application or feature rather than classic uses of existing materials. You need to include:

1) A written explanation

2) A sketch or design for your proposed usage