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How can we improve the experience of using a syringe via connected tech?
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54 months ago
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Syringes are one of the most important and useful pieces of equipment in modern medicine. They’re also known for being unpleasant (painful, difficult to do right, scary, etc.) to use. Recent technological advances have led to the invention of auto inject syringes, but even these simpler systems aren’t always ideal. There are lots of patients that use syringes on a regular basis for themselves and we want to make that experience better by leveraging eHealth/connected solutions to address one or all of the following capabilities (solutions may be directly linked to the design of a new syringe or autoinjector or may even be an add-on or even an accompanying accessory):

- - Medication storage considerations e.g. refrigerated and administered once it has come to room temperature; away from heat or light etc.

- Discrete medication transport