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What's your idea to reinvent the bottle cap game?
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34 months ago
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You've probably heard of (or played!) the soda bottle game where you look under the cap to find a prize or prize code.  Our goal is to reinvent this game in a way that will be fun and modern for today's consumers! Traditionally, customers buy a soda bottle and then look under the cap to find a prize or prize code for rewards.  Your idea could be a twist on the "under the bottle cap" game, or could be something totally new!  Here are the specifications your idea must meet:

  • Must be for single serve bottled beverages (for example, we aren't looking for ideas for a 6-pack)
  • Cannot require someone to take off the label on the bottle to get to a prize or prize code
  • Customers should only be able to get to the prize or prize code after purchasing the beverage.  (For example, a simple lottery-style scratch off on a bottle label could be easily scratched off prior to purchase.) <