Can your idea help get young people excited to reach fitness goals?
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9 months ago
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Our culture is more fitness-focused than ever.  There's an abundance of fitness information available, and there are more fitness "options" popping up every day (think boutique gyms, wearables, virtual classes, etc.).  Ironically, the variety of options may not be making it any easier to set and achieve fitness goals.  With so many fitness options, how do you know what's really going to be most rewarding, fun, and effective when it comes to getting active and achieving your goals?

We want to help young women become more active by creating a motivating way to get and stay fit.  It should be a new interactive approach, partnership, or platform that can be used affordably at the gym or especially at home.   It should be something fun and compelling that people will want to stick with.  


Adidas wants to help you become and stay more active by offering a new partnership, platform, or interactive approach to fitness that would appeal to young females (Millennials + Gen Z).   Whether you're working out at the gym or at home, what information do you want, how would you like to interact with it, how is helping to foster / build community, and how should we keep it fun and engaging?   The sky is the limit, but we want to keep it easy and affordable for users.  Don’t be afraid to build on things you already love or do.

Specifically, answer the following:

  1. What do you consider the biggest challenge(s) that you currently face when it comes to being or staying active? 
  2. Tell us your idea for a new Adidas partnership, platform, or more interactive approach to fitness.
    1. What is the format of how we (Adidas) would interact with you?  Is it a video game, an app, a channel, or something more personal?  
    2. Tell us specifically what information would you want to know when engaging with / using your idea. Include any instructions, metrics, encouragement, visual descriptions/images, etc. that would form the basis of your interaction when using it. (For ex: If it's a "game," describe the different levels, user input, rewards, etc.)
    3. Describe it's social impact.  How would it bring women and girls together?
    4. What else can you tell us that would help us to understand your idea and bring it to life?
  3. Why would your idea keep people engaged (particularly young women) and help them to track and achieve their fitness goals? We want people to stick with using it!

BONUS:  If applicable, compare your idea to something you have previously tried and outline the areas in which your idea is an improvement / better offering.


  • Your idea should be something that people need to interact with as part of the workout.  It should not simply track workouts / fitness goals, but rather it should help you truly execute a workout / fitness routine.
  • You could explore ideas that would leverage existing Adidas partnerships or suggest new ones that would be a good fit. 
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