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The idea of the autonomous vehicle is not new, but actual vehicles with self-driving capabilities are just being designed and tested. Various companies are working on making their concepts into reality and consumers will likely be able to purchase fully self-driving cars within the next 10 years. Any car manufacturer that is seriously committed to developing an autonomous car must ensure that the experience of self-driving cars conforms to a passengers’ needs and desires. Already, we expect much more than just safety and reliability from our vehicles – our vehicles need to be stylish, connected, powerful and efficient all at the same time. What new expectations will come to be when the cars can drive themselves?


Assuming the technology behind self-driving cars will be: safe and effective, affordable for most buyers, available on a variety of models, large and small, please write a detailed answer to the following questions:

1. Will customers want to buy autonomous cars and be driven around instead of driving themselves? Why or why not? What will help or hinder acceptance of such vehicles?

2. How will the typical driver use their autonomous car? What would the car owner do while not-driving? Would they ever want to drive it themselves?

3. How would this change the occupant’s life? How would this change where people live and work?

Your ideas should also assume that: regulations will be implemented to make autonomous vehicles legal; people will continue to live in traditional housing (will not live in their cars); autonomous functionality will be optional on cars, and most of it could be switched off, if so desired.


By submitting a Solution to this Challenge, you agree to sign, without compensation, any additional documents requested by Challenger to confirm the assignment to Challenger of worldwide intellectual property rights in perpetuity in your Solution. You understand that the Challenger may have its own internal developments that may or may not be similar to your Solution, and you will not bring any claim against Challenger or its affiliates arising from any use of your Solution or any idea identical to or similar to your Solution. You understand that Challenger is not obligated to use your Solution.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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