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Help us name our tasty new Japanese dumplings!
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80 months ago
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Dumplings have been a staple of Asian cooking for over a thousand years with each region specializing in their own unique type. Recently, the gyoza, a Japanese-style dumpling filled with meat, vegetables, or a combination of the two has gained popularity across the globe: our company alone makes 800 million gyoza annually, each one featuring our signature crescent shape and flat bottom that maximizes crispiness when pan-fried.

We’re pleased to introduce, our newest product, which makes preparing gyoza easier than ever before. Packaged in a 12-dumpling tray, similar to those used for ice cubes, each slot holds one gyoza encased in batter and ice. These innovative features allow hungry consumers to make pan-fried gyoza at home with no fuss – no need to add ingredients such as oil or water, no need to measure, and no need to monitor the cooking process. Just pop them out, toss them in the pan, and enjoy perfectly golden-brown, crispy gyoza every time. But first, before we launch this innovation, we need to know,what we call this great new breakthrough in gyoza product, packaging design, and preparation?


Propose a catchy new product name, description, or call-out we can use for this new gyoza that comes frozen in a tray with everything you need to cook it all in one piece. Your solutions should do the following:

  1. Name the new gyoza product or cooking process.
  2. Explain the elements of your name choice. What makes it appealing, catchy, or easily marketable?

CRITERIA: Your proposed name should not include reference to potstickers.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
Reward Tiers
5 Winners
will receive $150 each
5 Honorable Mentions
will receive $50 each
$150.00 Square pic 60 ss  2016 03 31 at 12.43.47 THOMAS PAQUEREAU San Mateo County Community College District
$150.00 Square pic 60 1376624 10151970536059274 929628205 n Brian Kron Delaware Valley University
$150.00 Square pic 60 th vkogan16
$150.00 E Emily Arnsberg University of Dayton
$150.00 K Kelsey Mock California Polytechnic State University
$50.00 Square pic 60 12742738 750873181679729 6795434993312498916 n Alex Rogaski University of Cincinnati
$50.00 Square pic 60 1982331 10203700737102638 1035993316 n Manisha Yarlagadda Pennsylvania State University
$50.00 Square pic 60 img 6256 Sivan Sherriffe George Washington University
$50.00 J Jan Mees University of Utah
$50.00 Square pic 60 12615765 1653400338255213 2543237129086236452 o Luke Garrison University of North Texas
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