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Propose an awesome new shampoo for teens
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60 months ago
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Companies all over the world are finding new ways to reach younger consumers, and we’re no different! We are looking into making new shampoos that teens will love. Our hope is for this product to meet current trends, be exciting to use and purchase, and will capture the hearts of teens around the US and the world as a whole!

What would you do to make a shampoo product that most appeals to teens? Would you pick a scent or a smell that ties in with a popular culture phenomena? How about a new design for the bottle that makes the packaging stand out in the shampoo aisle? Our shampoo prevents itchiness and oiliness and leaves hair clean and fresh, but what more can it do for teens?

Your ideas should center around the product itself (the formula for the shampoo), it’s packaging and how it can appeal to teens.


Briefly answer each item below:

1. What type of changes to the shampoo itself (color, scent, texture, etc.) would you make to a shampoo t