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What will the fitness industry look like in the future?
Challenge Type: business
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38 months

The Covid19 pandemic has drastically changed the fitness industry globally. With physical and mental health being of utmost importance, the fitness industry has been evolving through the pandemic. Fitness studios, gyms, and the fitness industry, in general, have had to adapt to a new way of delivering fitness services - creating experiences virtually. We want your help in imagining the future of the fitness industry!


Tell us what you think the fitness industry will look like in the future. Specifically, address the following: 

  1. According to you, what will the fitness industry look like in the next 10 years? 
  2. Since working out from home has become the new normal, how would you get people back to the gym/studio? What unique experiences can you offer that will lure them back (please keep in mind safety and covid protocols!)? 
  3. Tell us your crazy idea for a fitness product and/or consumer trend. Make sure to think as far out as 2050 when you are envisioning the future of fitness and associated experiences!
    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • 1-10 Scale
Reward Tiers
Top 10%
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Actual individual rewards will be based on the total number of eligible solutions.
$20.00 n r
$20.00 Thang Nguyen University of Vermont
$20.00 Matthew Gaiser Queen's University
$20.00 Shane Jenkins University of Notre Dame
$20.00 Isabella Forsman
$20.00 Tony Glackin Morningside College
$20.00 John hamlin
$20.00 Nickk Thanh
$20.00 Duncan Buckley
$20.00 Abhishek Mishra Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow
$20.00 Jessie Jahns
$20.00 Sang Nguyen McGill University
$20.00 Prathamesh Mayekar Symbiosis International University
$20.00 m .
$20.00 Sara Bernat Humboldt Universitat
$20.00 Zainub Rauf University of Cincinnati
$20.00 Riley Griffin Michigan State University
$20.00 Jennifer Danuff University of Central Florida
$20.00 Dan Biddle Zhejiang University
$20.00 Meera Stephen
$20.00 Nathan McCutcheon University of Central Florida
$20.00 Daniele Alves University anhembi Morumbi
$20.00 Shahid Nazir PTU
$20.00 Samantha Machado University of King's College
$20.00 Lewis Kim University of California, Berkeley
$5.40 Sara Furman Grove city college
$5.40 Nick Kaelin University of Oregon
$5.40 K B Ferris State University
$5.40 Daniel Adeleke UoT
$5.40 Liliannn Yánez
$5.40 K R Georgia Institute of Technology
$5.40 Rosynes Falcon
$5.40 Avijit Majumder Manipal University
$5.40 B Karuna Government college of technology , Anna university afflicted
$5.40 TM S
$5.40 Anum Gulfraz
$5.40 Dr. GB Bhas Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences