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Look into the future of technology innovation
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56 months ago
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Five years brings a great deal of change in the world of technological innovation. In 2010, few could predict many of the innovations hitting the market and being developed today. It is important that innovators continue to look ahead, imagining the possibilities of how technology innovation will evolve in the near future. What innovations will enable new and richer experiences in 2020? What would you like to be able to then do that you can’t do today? What kind of new experiences would you like to create that either solves problems, delights users, or would just be plain cool? How will the technology take shape? What will connected devices look like in the year 2020? How will you use them to pursue your interests and lifestyle? These are the questions we want you to answer.


Think of how you would use or take advantage of technological innovations five years from now, not just next year. What new use cases can you imagine in 2020 that you would love to experience personally? Ideally, it would be something you would be willing to pay for, and something where you would choose one device over another to purchase because of what the new technology innovations enable or provide.

Successful solutions will include a written descript