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What is the next turkey-based breakfast food that people will love?
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31 months ago
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Foods made with turkey meat are already a hit at breakfast time!  Today, we want to offer consumers a brand new breakfast item featuring turkey meat that they have never seen on shelves before.  What should this new turkey-based breakfast item be?  

We want you to get creative and follow these rules below:

  • Your idea can be shelf-stable, refrigerated, or frozen.
  • It should be a finished product that could be purchased at a retail food store - do not submit ideas for recipes!
  • Existing turkey breakfast items, such as turkey bacon or sausage, do not have to be avoided.  However, your idea does need to go beyond just these simple pieces of meat.
  • The turkey meat itself can stand alone as your idea or be paired with other complimentary items / incorporated into a product.  
    • You'll get extra credit if your idea proposes a completely new idea for the turkey meat itself.  (i.e. a unique form of the meat part of your product that <