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Use technology to get rid of unnecessary healthcare costs

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One of the most frustrating and unnecessary healthcare costs is caused by patients who are negligent in taking their prescribed medications. The New York Times reported that one-third to one-half of all patients don’t follow instructions to take prescribed medications, and up to one-quarter never even fill their prescriptions. Such lapses fuel more than $100 billion dollars in health costs annually because those patients often get sicker. With the rise of popularity in smartphones, video games, apps, and tablets, there must be numerous technical solutions available to encourage and remind patients to take their meds and stay healthy!

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Propose a solution that leverages technology and will increase the number of patients who regularly take their medication:

Your answer should specify
1) What age group will your solution specifically cater to? (e.g. children, parents, elderly etc.)
2) What physical devices or products will your solution utilize (e.g. smartphone, ipad, tv, etc.)
3) Explain how your idea will increase the number of patients who regularly take their medications.

Congratulations Winners!
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- University of California, Los Angeles
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- Cornell University
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- University of Illinois
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- The Ohio State University
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- Carnegie Mellon University
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