What is your new food idea for vegans / vegetarians / flexitarians?
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Today's healthy eating trend sees more and more health-conscious consumers  choosing vegan and vegetarian foods.   By some reports, the demand for vegetarian food options grew by 987% in the US in 2017!  Of those who don't adhere to strict vegan or vegetarian diets, many are adopting a flexitarian lifestyle with a diet that is predominantly, but not exclusively, plant-based.  As we see so many consumers choosing vegan and vegetarian foods, it's increasingly important for us to understand their preferred eating habits and offer them the new food products they've been looking for!

We are especially excited to hear from those of you who are vegans, vegetarians, or flexitarians!


We seek to offer vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians new food products as well as an ideal food store experience.  Please share your new product and food store ideas with us by answering the following: 

  1. After answering the eating habits survey question below, briefly expand on your answer by explaining your eating habits and choices. For example, why do you choose to eat this way?
  2. What new food products or offerings would appeal to vegans / vegetarians / flexitarians?  
  3. How could a food store optimize the shopping experience for vegans / vegetarians / flexitarians?  
    1. Where inside of the store would they like to see their products? 
    2. What sort of foods are vegans / vegetarians / flexitarians making at home that a food store could make more convenient?  This could relate to the in-store shopping experience or your new product idea in deliverable 2.  

-Please submit food or food replacement ideas rather than an idea that is only a beverage.
-We are seeking completely new food product ideas that are not currently on the market.  For example, a pre-existing idea such as Beyond Burger would not appeal to us.  
-Your ideas could relate to any meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner), snacking, or on-the-go convenient food ideas that can be purchased at a food store. 
-As you think of ideas for deliverables 2 and 3, consider what foods vegans / vegetarians / flexitarians might eat in a restaurant that they wish existed at the food store.  Also consider what they have to make for themselves at home that they can't find ready-made or available at a food store. 
-We will be considering the environmental impact of your food product and food store ideas.  Eco-friendly ideas will likely receive a higher score.  
-Top ideas will focus on NEW food products and food store experiences rather than a critique of currently available options.  

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
  • Environmental Impact
  • Product Convenience
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