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How will vehicle manufacturers adjust to a decrease in vehicle ownership?

Around the world owning a vehicle is becoming less and less common. Most residents in urban areas are using a mix of mobility service providers. Even those in non-urban areas are losing interest in their cars. Take a look at the following trends:

- Uber and Lyft saw 8,000 new riders every month in 2014

- Relay Rides, Getaround, and car2go are providing new ways to get people from A to B

- Commuting bus services are utilizing rapid advancement of on-demand routing technology

- 85% of high school seniors had a drivers license in 1996 vs. just 73% in 2013

- It is predicted that by 2040 over 75% of cars in the US will be self driving

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1. What will be the biggest change in mobility in 10 years?
2. What will the role of vehicle manufacturers be when the changes have arrived?
3. What radical changes can vehicle manufacturers make now to to be successful in your proposed scenario?
4. (bonus) Who will own and operate the vehicles if not individual citizens?

Characteristics of winning solutions:

- Don't limit your answer by technological or legal restrictions that currently exist. We are looking for radical (yet realistic) solutions for a world 10 years from now.

- Describe a radical new way for car manufacturers to do business in this future scenario. It needs to be extreme yet possible. It must describe the roles and relationships of the automotive manufacturer and its customers.

- Provide insight to the value proposition and revenue streams delivered by this concept

- Use examples of your idea in different verticals if they already exist today

- Including sketches, drawings, mock-ups, charts, graphs or any other visuals to support your argument is strongly encouraged

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