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Use social data to identify drivers of online conversations
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67 months ago
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Dialogues on social media can provide tremendous insight into the behaviors, desires, pains, and thoughts of consumers. We'd like your help in developing a repeatable process that identifies, classifies, and extracts the underlying drivers of consumer financial conversations and comments in social media data. Use the dataset attached below.


Provide an analytic report of 1,500 words or less that is structured as outlined below. Text can either be typed directly into the website or uploaded as a separate file. You may edit your Solution on the website until the Contest Deadline. You can compile your submission and upload it as individual files or as a zip file. The word count does not include the programming code used in the analysis, the documentation of the code, or the listing of topics and/or substance included in the Appendix.

Question #1: What financial topics* do consumers discuss on social media and what caused the consumers to post about this topic?

Deliverable A - Describe your Approach and Methodology. Include a visual representation o