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What innovations will change industries in 2015?

The introduction of new innovations & technologies is happening at a rapid pace and has far-reaching effects on society. Breakthroughs in innovation happen at both a technology level, but also through the introduction of new non-technical services. Such advancements can create new business models and trends that affect consumers, corporations, and even entire industries in many ways. Some industries that appear poised for major change/innovation include:

- Advanced manufacturing (with introduction of 3D printing)
- Payment technologies (introduction of payments on mobile devices)
- Clean technologies across a wide range of industries

As we look forward to 2015, it’s inevitable that more innovations, both technical and non-technical, will disrupt existing industries and possibly even create new ones.

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Please answer the following:

1) Pick one industry (either from the list above or choose your own) that you think will experience significant change and innovation in 2015. What are the unmatched needs or new opportunities that will cause this industry to change?

2) What new technologies, products, services, or business model transformations will bring about the changes you predict?

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