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What is the best way to deploy connected lighting systems?
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63 months ago
Small pic install

Energy Focus manufactures LED tube lights, which address a huge portion of lighting in the commercial sector. Our lights already secure major energy and cost savings for our customers, and it’s as easy as changing a light bulb. We’re trying to push our technology further, specifically in the direction of greater connectivity and widespread sensors, for more energy savings and more value.

As we plan for the proliferation of the “Internet of Things”, we want to make sure that “changing a light bulb” is still a simile for simplicity. If we nail the installation, we’ll not only dramatically increase our customer base, but we will show the market how it should be done. Currently hooking up connected lights is quite difficult. Each light fixture or bulb needs to join the network on its own address, and then mapped to physical location and logical lighting zone. Very cumbersome and hard to maintain.


How could you roll out the simplest installation possible for a connected lighting system?

A) How would the lights and sensors be installed?

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