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What is the new best Italian American frozen pasta product?
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55 months ago
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Frederico Bernardi immigrated to the US in 1901 and opened a grocery store that became a tavern serving spaghetti and tortellini made in the basement of the restaurant. Filled pastas were so popular that Federico’s grandson, Jerry, started the first factory in 1968 on Toluca’s Main Street – where it still operates today. We are proud of both our Italian and American heritage and want to create a line of filled frozen pasta products (think raviolis, tortellinis, shells, etc. and lasagna) that celebrate both worlds.

We would like your help in defining what Italian American cuisine is and helping us create delicious products. We are looking for meal, snack and appetizer ideas, specifically around frozen, filled pasta – anything that sounds delicious to you (we are not looking for pizza ideas – even though we know that pizza is delicious).

The pasta product will be consumer facing, in the freezer aisle of your local super market.