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What is your idea for functional, eye-catching food packaging?
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83 months ago
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Our company has created a portable food product made from wholesome

grains and other simple ingredients and we are seeking to find packaging that can support multiple uses. The product can be hand held, eaten straight out of the packaging, or heated and eaten warm. Because of the ingredients used, the product tends to crumble a little bit when you bite into it.

For this challenge, we are interested in three things:

1) Understanding different ways shoppers would consume this product - how, when, and where consumed (ex. portable breakfast replacement, snack, etc.)

2) Exploring innovative packaging ideas for both the primary packaging (which holds each individual product) and also the secondary packaging which holds 4-6 products and would be found on the shelf at supermarkets.

3) Novel packaging solutions that handle crumbs and minimize food waste and also allow for heating if desired.


Please complete the following:

1) How do you think shoppers would consume this product? (ex. portable breakfast, snack, etc.) Explain your thinking and provide examples from everyday life that support your answer. 

2) Describe the packaging that you would use for both the primary packaging (holds each individual product), and also the secondary package that holds the individually wrapped products and is placed on the shelf for purchase.

3) Attach a sketch or design showing what the primary and secondary packaging looks like.

4) How would your packaging idea capture the attention of shoppers, causing them to pause and look at it instead of just moving on to the next item on the shelf?


Keep the following in mind as you submit your solutions:

1) Your packaging idea might be affected by the way you think people will eat the product. Ex. if it will be heated, maybe the packaging needs to tolerate the method of heating. If it will be eaten on the go, maybe the packaging needs to account for crumbs that break away as you take bites. If it is eaten as a handheld, what ergonomics should you design for and how would you minimize food crumb waste?

2) We know you have not been given very much information about the product itself, but that is our intended purpose. We want you to think creatively and try to picture the product and how you would package it without having a perfect idea of what the product looks like.

    Submissions will be graded on the following criteria:
  • Meets Deliverables
  • Creativity
  • Clarity
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