What's a creative way to use social media to recruit talent?
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In today's climate, competitive companies must have an active, interesting presence on social media to attract not just customers, but potential employees. Attracting the right talent to communities where our company has little to no brand awareness or name recognition can be difficult. While customers in our established markets know and love our company, our newest ventures in places like suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Dallas, Texas, or Jacksonville, Florida and Little Rock, Arkansas, aren't as familiar with our great services.


Propose a plan to increase our followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and other social media platforms for the purpose of talent recruitment. Specifically, answer these questions:

  1. What are creative ways we can increase awareness of job opportunities in areas where our company is not prominent using online channels (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)?

CRITERIA: We are not interested in paying for advertisements on these platforms.

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