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What's the perfect new twist on a carbonated beverage for Millennials?
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63 months ago
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At Sonic, we are proud to offer more than a million drink combinations, from candy slushes, our signature cherry limeade, sodas, add-ins, and more. Some enterprising employees and customers have created favorites like the Blue Hawaiian--Sprite with blue coconut flavoring and pineapple--and Strawberry Shortcake--Sprite with vanilla flavoring, sweet cream, and strawberries. The possibilities end only when you imagination does!


Help us come up with a new carbonated beverage offering that Millennials will love? We are open to completely new products with new flavors as well as combinations that mix a current carbonated beverage with exciting add-ins. In your response, address these questions in detail:

  1. What is the next generation carbonated beverage offering that Millennials will love from Sonic?
  2. How important are natural ingredients to you? Would including natural ingredients like real fruit and cane sugar change Millennial interest in this product?
  3. How sweet