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What should we do to draw in qualified prospects at outreach events?
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51 months ago
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Every year, our company hosts and attends many events, like those listed below, in hopes of engaging with potential customers--auto dealers--and strengthening existing customer relationships. When hosting an event we seek to attract qualified prospects, (i.e. a potential customer who is in-market for a new vehicle within the next 12 months), engage them once we have their attention and build brand awareness.

Events we attend and host include the following:

- Auto shows

- Local events

- Movie theaters with surprise and delight programs

- Test drive programs at dealerships

- Football games

- Festivals and fairs

- Concerts


  1. What are some innovative ideas for types of events (onsite or online) and consumer engagements that attract qualified prospects and drive traffic and/or leads to our dealer customers.
  2. How do we extend relationships with attendees beyond the event to drive traffic to dealerships and eventually result in a sale where our company gets t