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What should we name our delicious new line of milk products?
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54 months ago
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Our newest product line is a collection of ultra-creamy milk mixed with other fine ingredients, like rich Belgian chocolate, buttery caramel, and perfectly-ripened strawberries. It's creamy, indulgent deliciousness with nourishing milk proteins, and perfect whether served cold right out of the bottle or warmed.

This line will be found in your grocer's refrigerated milk section in a 32-oz. bottle. Varieties will include:

- Double Belgian Chocolate

- Strawberry Cheesecake

- Sea Salt Caramel

- Tiramisu


Propose a name for this line of delicious and creamy milk products. Specifically:

  1. What should the line of products be named?
  2. Explain why your proposed name is a good fit that consumers will love.