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Help us re-imagine Whiskey!
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11 months ago
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Whiskey is part of the world. There's American Whiskey, Irish Whiskey, Japanese Whiskey, Scotch, and so on. It’s part of music, movies, literature, and fashion - but it feels a bit "stuck in the past" so-to-speak. With so much exciting change happening in other spirits categories such as Rum, Gin, & Tequila, Whiskey has been left behind. We want to blow off the dust and revive the Whiskey category. 

How can we create a whiskey that feels culturally relevant?  More specifically:

  • How can we take whiskey from being an old man drink to an every person drink?
  • How can we take whiskey out of dark leather arm chairs and roaring fires to casual early evening hangs outs with friends?
  • How can we take whiskey from harsh neat liquid to delicious drinks?

We think Whiskey should be youthful, global, and cool. It's a drink of substance for people of substance. Tell us about your great idea for giving Whiskey a true revival! 

This challenge is for participants 21 years or older.