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How can we improve window screens?
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53 months ago
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Window screens are one of the most important technologies in modern homes. Their key functionalities include:

Keeping things out: Bugs, dust, and whatever else is trying to get into your home are unable to penetrate the mesh protections of a screen.

Allowing airflow in: You can still get fresh air from outside without worrying about everything else that might come with it.

These functionalities are very helpful to day to day lifestyles, however they still leave a lot to be desired because of a few key setbacks:
Flimsy: They break down over time when in contact with sunlight and the elements. Screens need to be robust yet remain minimalistic. Because of construction, they don’t ship well separately and are subject to damage in shipping and installation.

Fit: Due to flimsiness and tolerance of windows and screens, they often don’t fit well and are hard to insert and remove.

Blocking vision/light: You can see through screens but they hinder visibility and light.

Aesthetically unappealing: Window screens aren’t the most attractive looking feature on a home and lead to a more utilitarian versus minimalist or modern look.

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