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How can we incorporate electronics into (smart)windows?
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57 months ago
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The cost of producing quality electronics, including sensors, motors, solar panels, and computers has continued to decrease over the last several decades. Technology that would not have been at all feasible ten years ago can now be made cheaper, smaller, and longer-lasting than we ever could have expected. The windows in our homes have for the most part however, maintained standardized and manual functionally.

We have tried a few new concepts along the lines of motorizing window openings in hard to reach places and experimenting with sensors, but we’re interested in new ideas in these fields and beyond. What opportunities are there to merge electronics, computers, and other technologies with windows? Which of these opportunities can we take advantage of to build awesome new windows that consumers will want to upgrade to? How can we make windows part of the "Smart Home" revolution?


Propose a means to integrate technology and electronics into (smart)windows: