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Archit Rastogi
Total Earnings
PHD Public Health University of Massachusetts 2020
VIT University 2015 Bachelors Bioengineering
University of Massachusetts
| Doctoral Student/Research Assistant
Utilizing zebrafish embryos as a model to study the developmental origins of diabetes. My work is focused on studying how persistent environmental toxicants that can act as endocrine disruptors affect the morphology and function of the developing pancreas.
Allele Life Sciences
| In Plant Trainee
01 Jan 2012 - 01 Jan 2012
Trained in key proteomics techniques. Following this, duties included making and aliquoting buffers to be used in kits sold for proteomics techniques.
VIT University
| Research Assistant
01 Jan 2012 - 01 Jan 2015
An independent study that aimed to screen medicinal plants for the presence of antidiabetic compounds. Optimized a large number of in vitro procedures, making the screening process extremely efficient and high-throughput in nature. I was able to screen 64 plant extracts simultaneously as opposed to the existing 4 plant extracts at one time. During the course of this project, we found a novel antidiabetic principle that I subsequently tested in adult male Wistar rats.
VIT University
| Research Assistant
01 Jan 2011 - 01 Jan 2012
Identifying and isolating enzymes capable of degrading chromium compounds from microbes present in highly polluted soils. Largely involved screening microbes and proteomics techniques to identify and characterize enzymes.
Cipla Pharmaceuticals
| Biotechnology Intern
01 Jan 2013 - 01 Jan 2013
Assigned to the unit tasked with solving problems in the production line. Duties included data research and compilation and running analytical biotechnology techniques like SDS-PAGE and sample preparation for HPLC. Worked on helping identify a problem in the antibody production procedure.
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