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Expert Advice on Editing Your Essays Guide-2022


The essay doesn’t come out to be perfect the first time around. It is usually riddled with in-text errors, structural and style errors. While writing the essay you are concerned about meeting the broader criteria of the essay, such as answering the essay prompt and constructing a unique argument. 


While you can always employ the services of write my essay online or editor to perform the post-writing tasks for you, it is essential that you should know about the process. By involving yourself in the post-writing phase you get the opportunity to learn your writing predilections and faults. 


What keeps the writer from editing?

  • Exhaustion: Writing the essay can be hard on your brain at times. You might feel fatigued after the writing process such that you cannot muster any energy to look at the text again. Maybe your brain is trying to tell you to come back to it at another time, as you should.

  • Overconfidence: Some are overconfident about their writing, and their argumentative process such that they care not to edit their essay, other than the online spellcheckers. 

Unfortunately, this overconfidence causes the essay to fall well below its mark and loose marks in the process.

  • Lack of time: Editing is an iterative process that takes place in snippets over a long period of time. If you don’t set aside time for it, you might not end up given this part the required time.  

What is editing?

Editing is the process which involves reviewing and critiquing a piece of writing, in order to improve it or bring it up to a certain standard see some writing or editing example in an essay writing service online. It is an iterative process that not only focuses on the content of the essay but their logical flow and coherence of the arguments. 


You should look at the sentence level too to make the length of the sentences optimal and to check for versatility in the sentence types. 


During editing, you don’t shear your essay parts but only prune them to make them more presentable. 


When editing you should look for:

  • Readability and clarity in prose. 

  • Adherence to the word count or limit

  • Consistent logic and coherent arguments

  • The relevance of information and arguments to the essay prompt

  • A smooth flowing and transitioning structure


Reading through the work

An essay writer should first and foremost read through your work from start to finish, without focusing on the details. By doing this you will have a blueprint of the main parts of the essay. You should get the idea about the parts of the argument, where the introduction has happened, where you have furthered the argument leading it to the conclusion. 


Upon a second read, you should notice any loopholes in the arguments or the repetitions. You should also make note of where the writing is ambiguous and where it digresses from the main argument. 


Also, make note if the arguments and the parts of the essay deviate from answering the essay prompt

The editing process

You should set aside separate time for editing when you plan for your essay. 


The golden rule for the editing process is ‘Write Hot, Revise Cold’; when you start to edit the text that you have just written, you miss many of the structural mistakes including the big ones. The reason for that is your mind’s familiarity with the text as a whole. Try to set the writing aside for a day and try to go through the work then. You can start editing again after yet another gap.


When scrutinizing the work focus on its readability. Imagine a random reader going through your essay for the first time and going through the information for the first time. You should ask yourself if the essay is appropriate to its level of difficulty. Analyze is it too difficult to read in its contents and writing or is it shallow and lacks maturity.  









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