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Christian Perez
Total Earnings
PHD Physics Stanford University 2014
Case Western Reserve University 2008 Bachelors Engineering
Ph. D. Researcher 2006 – Jun 2014
Stanford University, Stanford, CA
• Led 3 person project team in instrument construction, design of experiments, troubleshooting, and analysis of simultaneous FRET, force, and extension measurements on single molecules of vitamin-sensing RNA
• Analyzed >1500 single-molecule time series and force-response signals (>400,000 data points) using IPython+Numpy+MongoDB ( and matplotlib
• Implemented a laboratory inventory management system using Django+MySQL+Apache to store metadata on several hundred scientific samples

Product Design Consultant Aug 2011 – Jun 2012
RiceRunner, Stanford, CA
A design team born out of the Stanford that aims to alleviate the cycle of poverty among Cambodian rice farmers by increasing fertilizer efficiency through affordable technology
• Facilitated 31⁄2 weeks of field testing of paddy fertilizer applicators in Cambodia & Vietnam
• Interviewed farmers, NGO stakeholders, potential partners, and small business owners,
and discovered that any solution must be easy to manufacture in-country and would maximize farmer convenience
• Iterated design from hand-driven prototype to tractor bolt-on with no moving parts, and proposed a distribution model that leveraged tractor-for-hire workers looking to increase income using small capital investments

Director Sep 2008 – Jun 2009
Los Salseros de Stanford, Stanford, CA
• Led 25 person dance group with 5 officers and a $16,000 budget in semiweekly practices
• Designed, scripted, choreographed, taught, and directed 90 minute stage show including stage lighting, audio production, and costumes

Computer Engineering Intern Jan 2004 – Jun 2004
Intel/HP Itanium joint design center, Fort Collins, CO
• Completed full digital system verification of VHDL microcontroller and firmware for on-die power control system on an Itanium2 processor
• Created Perl software to facilitate hardware debugging of first run chips; loaded test patterns into flip-flops using scan methodology and compared read out bits to expected

Recitation Leader Sep – Dec 2003
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
• Organized and taught weekly recitation of 20 students for Intro C++ programming course
• Designed and evaluated programming assignments covering advanced topics like: pointers, templates, inheritance, polymorphism, and naming things
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