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Dallas DeBruin
Total Earnings
Bachelors Business Administration University of Dayton 2018
University of Dayton 2018 Bachelors Electrical Engineering Technology
Brun Sinks LLC
| Owner and Operator
Dayton, Ohio
Design, Manufacture, Sell, and Install a new kind of sink, combining a automatic, water, soap, and air dryer into a single basin that acts like a car wash for your hands. No mess, no germs, smaller footprint, faster throughput, and less expensive.
Tabtronics Inc.
| Electronic Engineering Intern
12 Apr 2016 - Present Dayton, Ohio
Process and efficiency improvements, manufacturing line work, and manage of small teams. We do work for the Military (both new and ancient technologies), for healthcare and wearable technology, and on contract for many other industries.
Gallant Sun LLC
| Owner and Operator
23 Aug 2016 - Present Dayton, Ohio
I designed, maintain, and operate my business website, as well as use fractals to create and design artwork for customers. I build all the artwork hardware and ship across the US.
University of Dayton
| Resident Assistant
07 Aug 2015 - Present Dayton. Ohio
Foster Student Growth, Create a social, service minded community, and uphold University Policy. Often working in groups and across departments and teams for coordination as well as management of many crisis situations.
Clinton Electric and Plumbing Supply Inc.
| Warehouse Manager
07 May 2015 - 07 Aug 2015 Washington Court House, Ohio
Maintained inventory, Sourced and ordered custom parts for customers, delivered large shipments by driving CDL trucking, and general maintenance.
Projects & Publications
Gallant Sun LLC-Website
Custom made (and self taught for that matter), Old School PHP website for my Fractal Art Business
Activities & Interests

Biking, Ice Skating, Inventing, Ministry, Orchestral Composition, Piano Performance and improvisation, Intramural Soocer and Volleyball, an Entrepreurship Coed Fraternity, Small project programming, Ballroom-Hip Hop-Jazz Dancing, and being in nature.

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