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Kerri Rapes
Total Earnings
Bachelors Mechanical Engineering Purdue University 2012
Measurements While Drilling Field Engineer • Responsible for pre-job planning and mobilization • Proficient in services relevant to well borehole directional steering and logging • Certified ‘competent’ with regards to technical equipment’s implementation, operation, and interpretation • Responsible for training, and mentoring junior engineers or specialists following the equipment training program requirements Program Engineer • Collaborated with R&D engineers to create manufacturing procedure for the customer • Developed skills in nesting, programming, and forecasting projects • Designed in-house infrastructure for LEAN manufacturing project in conjunction with company architect Whitewater Raft Guide • Lead daily excursions for six to eight individuals safely down a class III-IV river • Provided entertaining narrative of local attractions and dangers • Managed equipment, maintained grounds, and tended to miscellaneous office duties Architectural Science Intern • Assisted with customer projects, planning phases, troubleshooting sessions • Created scale drawings, instructions, and addendums utilizing DATACAD • Assisted with other additional office duties and organizational projects
Projects & Publications
Activities & Interests

WorldTeach Volunteer - American Samoa High School Teacher
• Sole instructor of mixed classes grades 9 -12 in subject of Applied Technologies
• Designed and implemented lesson plans for simple machines and orthographic projections
• Participated in after-school and community activities
Purdue Mechanical Engineering Senior Design
• Project Assistant manager – Oversaw six teams aiding in timeline, cash flow, and policy regulations
• Developed cargo monitoring system for both commercial and non-commercial uses
• Presented with Mallot Award for “Best Overall” project
Purdue EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Service)
• Team leader of Habitat for Humanity-Haiti: “For the More Sustainable Treatment of Local Water”
• Traveled to Haiti as an ambassador
• Applied to and was awarded Engagement Grant for Community Service Projects
• Presented with Corcoran Award for "Outstanding Leadership on a Global Project"

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