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Lucas Tamele
Total Earnings
Bachelors Chemical Engineering Eduardo Mondlane University 2018
| Technical Assistant Trainee
11 Dec 2020 - Present Maputo
Analysis of new Projects for funding; Analysis of forest soils fertility for National Forest Inventory; Municipal Solid Waste management projects.
Projects & Publications
Greater Maputo Groundwater Quality Assessment
09 Sep 2017 to 31 Aug 2018 Link
The increased demand and scarcity of water in surface sources due to population growth, as well as the rapid geographical expansion of the urban area without proper monitoring by the formal water supply system, has led to the exploitation of groundwater sources by a large number of private operators. However the Greater Maputo aquifer is prone to pollution by anthropogenic and natural activities because it is located in close proximity to the sea. The work aimed to assess the influences of anthropogenic and natural activities and the pressure exerted by water exploitation on groundwater quality in the study area based on the collection and analysis of water quality data from the exploited aquifer.
Activities & Interests

Read sci-fi books
Play football
Interacting in social networks
Watching movies, series and animes

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