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Positive parenting is the key to health

Everyone wants to be a positive parent. But what does this mean? Taking into account the influence of the results of research in a new scientific field - positive psychology, the concept of "positive parenting" is becoming more and more realizable phenomenon in parenting practice. Simply put, positive parenting behavior is one that develops children through their core abilities. Rather than focusing on the child's weaknesses and “deficiencies”, positive parenting invites emphasis and loving attention to build strength and resilience in the child.

Positive parenting in action

Of the many ways that children are positively parenting, you can choose two of the most basic ones: be a positive role model, and help them believe in themselves. 
5 Ways to Be a Positive Example

By the way parents live their own lives and do the “right thing,” they have a deep and powerful influence on their children, even when no one seems to be seeing. After all, children learn how to solve problems and think critically about the world around them, first of all, by observing their parents. Children always look first and then do. If you see that the child is not doing well in school, then use and show by deeds. So you will help your child not only write written works correctly, but also see your authority.

Some of the key ways in which parenting behavior can serve as a model for a child are as follows:

1. Manage your anger.Anger is one of the greatest blockages in important human relationships. When adults act impulsively, yell at each other, or take revenge, children are very likely to follow suit. This behavior can lead, rather, to bullying in school (bullying other children), but not to the development of self-regulation skills in them - the ability to stop or restrain a certain action, rather than behave impulsively. To manage anger, it is important not only to control your emotions, but also to help the child in something. For example, if you want to help your child with his studies, then use and help him. This is a quality resource that will help not only manage anger, but also know how to help a child in a difficult situation.

2. Stop blaming others and help the children do the same! When you're about to blame someone for a problem, stop! Think about your personal role in it, show empathy for others, and focus on the solution rather than their guilt. Otherwise, the child may inherit you and blame all the teachers instead of doing good homework. To stop blaming others, you need to be successful in your studies yourself and with the help of it is possible. Only with this resource can you achieve academic results.

3. Remove politics from education.Many of our political conversations have turned into feuds and are completely unproductive. When adults make offensive remarks about other people based on race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, or political opinion, children feel it is perfectly okay for them to do the same.

4. Admit your mistakes. Children are now growing up in a world where they are presented with simply unrealistic requirements of perfection. When adults admit their mistakes and learn from them, thus opening themselves up for feedback, and in doing so take responsibility for their actions and decisions, children will certainly learn to do the same.

5. Work hard to achieve your goals.When adults set goals and strive hard to achieve them, despite the obstacles they face, they model invaluable skills for their children. Depending on your child's age, don't be afraid to show your son or daughter how you work to overcome the difficulties in your life. Be positive and reliable.

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