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Mandeep Patel
Total Earnings
Bachelors Mechanical Engineering University of Texas at Austin 2017

Expo Construction

| Office Manager

01 Sep 2014 - Present

Expo Construction

| Intern, Museum of Natural Science

01 May 2013 - 01 Aug 2013
* Used iSqFt to spec out commercial and retail blueprints * Managed daily supply orders for multiple projects * Coordinated project orders with 20+ subcontractors

plan lunar colony logistics for S.I.C.S.A

| Roden Leadership Program- Corporate Chair

* Planning and executing the Roden Case Comp * Managing the New Engineering Student Workshop * Competing in case competitions to develop entrepreneurial skills


| Materials Application Researcher

01 Jul 2012 - 01 Jul 2012
and A&M * Applied lab developed materials to solar panel alignment * Tested various prototypes over an extended test cycle * Continuing independent research on solar tracking


| Case Competition Chair Roden Leadership-Cockrell School of Engineering

01 Jul 2014 - 01 Jul 2014
Leadership 21 engineers dedicated to improving the Cockrell School of Engineering * Managed alumni relations and raised funds * Headed the hosting of the 13th annual Roden Case Competition (campus) * Hosted workshops for new engineers at UT Solar Panel Research Independently Developed * Won 1st place for the development of solar tracking technology (Exxon-Mobil STEM Fair) * Granted development funding for 1st at the Sustainable Energy competition (campus) Harmony ISD Longhorn Alumni Group * Founder and current president working to help underprivileged freshmen succeed * Mentoring underprivileged students (SAT prep, science fair research guidance, and college app revision) * Hosted dinner events to develop a sense of community for new UT students
Projects & Publications

Tailor-Made Custom Shoe Company

14 Jan 2015 to 25 Feb 2016 Link
India Based company seeking to provide custom dress shoes.
Activities & Interests

I enjoy things like this. For fun, I play games competitively, dance with friends, and walk around while listening to music. I would drive around, but I don't have a sports car.

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