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Patrick Chakauya
Total Earnings
Bachelors Architecture Middlebury College 2016

Participant (Summer 2012)

| MiddCORE (Middlebury on campus entrepreneurial program intern) / MiddCORE Plus internship program

Intern (Fall 2013) * Social media head, managing Facebook blog, twitter blog, LinkedIn group. * Managed campaigns to raise awareness of the program and was directly responsible for acquiring 40% of the program participants. * Cold called and conducted program application support calling for prospective students. at Notabli (www.notabli.com) Burlington, VT

Participant (Summer 2012)

| Intern (Summer 2014)

* Worked for 8 weeks at Notabli, a recently funded App-Start Up. * Conducted marketing outreach programs, including working with bloggers, press, and partners. * Assisted with social media management and content contribution. * Organized and enhanced their online customer/user support system. * Conducted usability and quality testing for the app.


| Founder

Archsy.com. (www. Archsy.com) * Founded a website and database for people passionate about architecture and design. The project mainly focuses on spreading architectural spaces from around the world and by bridging the gap with Virtual Reality, we aim to be able to transport users into these spaces from the comfort of their homes. * I run the daily marketing and outreach for funding and general administrative work of the company as well as being its creative head and currently, sole employee. Patrick Simbarashe Chakauya

Bütsu is an independent footwear company that I

| Founder

SCDH (https://liveheroes.com/en/brand/scdh) * SCDH (Simba Chakauya Design House) is an apparel and art company that I started which combines art and apparel to create unique keepsakes for your wardrobe. * I design and produce the art work that is then combined with the highest quality clothing material from our https://society6.com/simbachakauya​ different product manufacturer. The art is also available for sale at (​ ) with combinations. * I run the daily marketing and outreach general administrative work of the company as well as being its creative head and currently the sole employee
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Sneakers for souls in pursuit of their dreams and willing to break down any barriers to reach them. Only made in limited edition.
Activities & Interests

Technology, Product design, Retail, Design, Fashion, Entrepreneurship, Music.

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