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Haley Rasmussen
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Bachelors Biomedical Engineering University of Minnesota 2019

Catchwind Innovations

| Product Innovation Associate

06 Jul 2017 - 25 Aug 2017 Minneapolis, MN
I helped with expansion of the rapidly-growing company, doing a wide variety of tasks and projects during the time I was there. I met with potential clients, developed a concise list of benefits, assisted customers in creating marketing plans, helped a customer finalize their Standard Operating Procedures, and helped in planning a gala to name a few. This position helped me develop my organizational, communication and time management skills as well as introduced me to many aspiring companies in the healthcare technology realm.
Projects & Publications

Senior Capstone: Validity of a minimally invasive streptococcus A collection method utilizing a distilled water throat rinse

My project partner and I hypothesized that a distilled water "throat rinse" could be a viable alternative to the typical swab method to test for the presence of strep bacteria, when combined with the new medical device, the Illumigene. We designed and conducted an experiment which included building lab skills such as plating, culturing, data collection and analysis, as well as verbal and written presentation skills, as our work was composed into an unpublished research paper and shown at a project fair to the local community.
Activities & Interests

Running, exploring, reading, problem solving, witty humor

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