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The Hindu idea of rebirth is nothing but a projection of the ordinary birth.The Hindus have projected the same idea on death.Every religion makes the other side in a different way because every society and every culture depend on a different geography, a different history.The Tibetan thinks that the dead person is warm, in a new world that always remains warm.The Indian cannot think that it always remains warm.The other world is an oasis, an oasis all over.We project, but to the person who is dying it is again the same process that he has experienced once.He goes on back to the first moment of his life when he was born.It seems to be significant that when he is leaving this world he may have a look at all that has happened.Just in a few seconds the whole calendar moves, just as it moves in your movies.No, the calendar just goes on moving, the dates go on changing, fast.It goes even faster at the time of death.In a single moment, the whole life flashes by and stops at the first moment.Why did I want you to remember this?That’s why when a person is young he may be an atheist, he can afford to be, but as he grows older to be an atheist becomes a little difficult.His whole world is disappearing.You cannot have faith again, that is destroyed.And no fiction can stand before a fact.You will know it is a hypothesis, you cannot forget that it is a hypothesis.Once you have heard a truth it is impossible to forget it.That is one of the qualities of truth, that you don’t need to remember it.The person habituated to lies needs a better memory than the person who is habituated to truth, because a true person has no need of memory.If you say only the truth there is no need to remember.But if you are saying a lie, then you have to continually remember because you have said one lie to one person, another lie to another person, something else to somebody else.To whom you have said what you have to categorize in your mind and keep.And whenever a question arises about a lie you have to lie again, so it is a series.The lie does not believe in birth control.Once you have hearda truth it isimpossible to forget it.That is one of thequalities of truth, thatyou don’t need toremember it.They all want to keep you afraid, always afraid, trembling deep inside, because if you are not afraid, you are dangerous.But then you are going to be a rebel, you cannot avoid that.Either you can be a man of faith or you are going to be a rebellious spirit.You have to follow him and his agents.This is a very strange business.Religion is the strangest business of all.You were incapable of facing life, its beauties, its joys, its sufferings, its anguishes.You were not ready to experience them on your own without anybody protecting you, without somebody being an umbrella to you.And certainly there are con men everywhere.You ask and they will do it for you.You will have to pass through fear and accept it as a human reality.There is no need to escape from it.What is needed is to go deep into it, and the deeper you go into your fear the less you will find it is.When you have touched the rock bottom of fear you will simply laugh, there is nothing to fear.And when fear disappears there is innocence, and that innocence is the summum bonum, the very essence of a religious man.That innocence is power.That innocence is the only miracle there is.Out of innocence anything can happen, but you will not be a Christian out of that, and you will not be a Mohammedan out of that.You will have topass through fearand accept it as ahuman reality.There is no needto escape from it.But existence is not an idea.It is there all around you, within and without.Not that you are asking for something, but thanking for something that has already been given to you.So much has been given to you.Existence goes on pouring so much over you that to ask for more is just ugly.That which you have received, you should be grateful for it.And the most beautiful thing is that when you are grateful, more and more existence starts pouring over you.Now the only way left is to go into your fear.Silently enter into it, so you can find its depth.And sometimes it happens that it is not very deep.A man walking in the night slipped from a rock.Afraid that he would fall down thousands of feet, because he knew that place was a very deep valley, he took hold of a branch that was hanging over the rock.In the night all he could see was a bottomless abyss.You can imagine that man and his whole night of torture.Just six inches down there was a rock.Now it is up to you whether you want to go on clinging to the branch and turn your life into a nightmare, or whether you would love to leave the branch and stand on your feet.There is nothing to fear.

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