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Veronica Chillenje
Total Earnings

| Military court interpretor
11 Jan 2010 - Present South Africa
I'm responsible for preparing the court documents making sure all case files are complete with necessary documents for the judge and then I proceed to prepare the accused members and the witnesses n let them know about the proceedings of the military court and how to go about the drill which I'm in charge of.Beng incharge if the drill is a major deal in the army Its a job a bit close to my heart because I landed it by arriving there as an accused member as well,who walked away guilty but not without impressiong the judge and prosecution with her multilingual skills...the following court week I was hired and found myself in charge of drilling ppl who were in the same shoes I was and wat makes it special is that I get to drill people with higher ranks than mine.
Projects & Publications
Utube channel
When I discovered my gift for card reading I didn't hesitate to go get my 1st deck and ever since then it has been a flow I connected with them so well..took me almost 2yrs b4 I cud disclose this gift to the public as I had only told family and close frnds..soon after being public I started a Utube channel where I read cards based on ur star signs and some planet placements in people's birth charts..building the channel is a great challenge since not many South Africans understand the card reading concept but nonetheless I'm having fun teaching while reading
Something I felt like a dinosaur while trying to learn ,learning how to design a web page,still learning even now but it has been a great journey and wonderful experience since it taught me how much ive been missing out on in the online money making industry
Activities & Interests

Web research,handcrafts,digital market,graphic design, web building,blogging,baking,cooking,meditation,excercise

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